Welcome at YesTrip !

During the spring of 2017 I designed, built and tested the ultimate touringbicycle the OnTheRoad 4.0. June 2017 I went to the south of France per car plus trailer. I explored once more my best-ever region namely the French Hautes Alpes.

I took all my big and all my small campingstuff with me. Plus ofcourse my so beloved MudRacer 3.0 and the OnTheRoad 4.0. https://YesTrip.nl
June 22nd 2018 I left my first life to start my second one. Which means I left all big stuff behind to start YesTrip on the OnTheRoad 4.0. Since then only time will tell ... And the gps 🙂 ...

On the OnTheRoad 4.0 into the wide world. Preferably on all those magnificent small(er) and windy tracks ...

Over time and distance this site will grow, expand and evoluate. With more and more stories, information, pictures, films, tips and tricks, reviews and more.

So keep on cycling untill you're done for today. Then relax and enjoy YesTrip !

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