HowTo create a 67 kg bicycle.

I build and assembled the OnTheRoad 4.0 without weight (and prices) being a real issue. A bicycle that should last and last and last for years and would have to rest outside 365/24 should not in the first place, second place and third place be of less durability nor quality. Although weight and money are not always in a lineair way related to those aspects. The YesTrip project started with a frame that weighs 2.1 kgs without frontfork. And I started YesTrip at june 22nd 2018 without having any idea about the weight of neither the OnTheRaod 4.0 nor the luggage. But I did know that my own weight was 86 kgs at that time. During the first half year my weight had gone down to 80 kgs. Then in july 2019 I had the opportunity to weigh the OnTheRoad 4.0.

The bicycle weighs 17 kgs of which 8 kgs are at the front and 9 kgs are at the rear. This is with all longdistance parts mounted, as on the pictures at the first serie.

In full YesTrip setup it weighs 67 kgs of which 21 kgs are at the front and 46 kgs are at the rear.

That is after having left behind 3 times several materials that might have weight at least 10 kgs all in all. From june 2018 until july 2019 I had always tought and explained that the OnTheRoad 4.0 might weigh about 55 kgs in full trim. So I was wrong then it probably weighed 80 kgs at the first day. But full setup also means a three seasons setup concerning personal belongings.

That is actually good news since it means I was even more strong then I thought I was 👅.

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