Electrical powerplant

The OnTheRoad 4.0 is equipped with a homemade electrical powerplant called Black Box 2 (so version 2).

It is a very simple system with a minimum of cabling but with maximum possibilities. The electrical components are integrated in a small black box which is mounted to the inside of the right frontrack. This way the box and cables are fully protected and do not interfere with a bag at the rack. All connectors are positioned rearwards since expectations are that all rains always will arrive at the front ...

The Shutter Precision dynamo ofcourse confirms to the standardspec of 6VAC - 3Watt at a given standard (rpm) speed. This means that the voltage raises when rpm raises.

The "6VAC" dynamo-voltage is fully rectified and then strongly buffered with condensators to have a nice DC-voltage. In combination with the √ 3 principle when transferring alternating current into direct current you will get a voltage above 12VDC at regular bicycle speeds. This 12VDC+ is sufficient to charge a powerbank for laptops, i.e. the type that can supply 19VDC.
And the faster you go the higher the voltage and so the current !

This 12VDC+ voltage of the Black Box 2 supplies an output-connector for the powerbank plus a 7805 voltage-regulator (so with 5VDC output) that supplies both the frontlight and a usb-connector. By switching off the frontlight its energy will also be added to charging the powerbank and/or to any usb-device connected.

And by not switching off the frontlight it will continue to light during standstills because it is then powered by the powerbank via the 7805-regulator. This is very handy while setting up your camp at dusk or night. Besides that, walking around at your campsite with a headlamp (on your head) atracts far and far more attention then having a headlamp of your bike shining away from the road and in a fixed position.

Finally there also is an input-connector at the BB2 where a 18VDC solarpanel can be connected in parallel with the dynamo's supply for the powerbank. These 18VDC solarpanels are more rare then the 5VDC types but still they are easy to find if you search for "solar 18vdc laptop". Ofcourse this (also) means that (solar-) charging of the powerbank will continue during stops.

There are also 19VDC laptop-powerbanks that (also) can be charged via a usb connector, so with 5VDC. But this will take about twice the time to charge the powerbank compared to charging with a "19VDC high voltage" system.

While riding, the powerbank is stored in the handlebar-bag. Thanks to a small cable-hole in that bag the bag can be fully closed with the zipper. The solarpanel can be hanged in any save position with help of its mountingholes. So it can be positioned in the best way to "always catch the sun" !

Finally, the taillight is a TUV-certified (ofcourse !) fully automatic battery-powered sensor-type which therefore needs no cabling and no operating. When switched in S-ensor mode it reacts very reliable and fast to fading light when moving.