When the OnTheRoad 4.0 arrived at the Drome region in France

It was time for that tastfull local champagne : the Clairette de Die.

I left the NL in june 2017 and first drove by car to Luc-en-Diois in the Drome region. This was my first stay of the inbetween-year before I would start Yestrip. Luc-en-Diois was still missing on my list of mountainbike areas to do and the Drome (named to the river Drome) is a beautiful area anyway.

Me and my OnTheRoad 4.0 had emigrated 👋. Time for champagne !!!

Tip 1 : in the Netherlands the Clairette de Die is for sale at the Hema.
Tip 2 : in France it is for sale almost everywhere.
Tip 3 : so get your bicycle now and visit France !