The silverants in the Sahara.

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Silverants in the Sahara have to deal with temperatures of up to 70C in the full sun. And there simply is no shade ...

There skin has turned silver in the course of million years of evolution. It reflects sunlight at a maximum. That is why they can stand temperatures of that level, but only for some minutes.

They therefore are somewhat in a hurry when it comes to finding diner. Thanks to evolution that hurry is no problem, it is actually even very simple. Then the slowest ants might die and the fastest ants will make it in time.

The more faster ants there are (and so the less slower ants) the faster the next generation will be. And nowadays these ants are capable of running 30+ kmh 💨. Whereby there legs actually make some 50+ kmh but the loose sand makes it a bit less efficient.

This is a fragment from Planet Earth.

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