The very first testride of the OnTheRoad 4.0 :
along the Dutch weilanden in Twente !

When the OnTheRoad 4.0 was (for the first time) fully assembled it was time for the very first testride. Everything had to be checked for correct assembly, adjustment and functioning. All parts were still unpainted so this was the moment to make the (very) final decisions.

Special care was taken to determine the correct height of the seatpost. This was critical since only the part of the seatpost without paint will fit into the frame. So the correct height was marked with a scratch.

Also the width of the handlebar had to be checked for correct seating- and ridingposition. Then, as with a seatpost, screw-on type handlebargrips are fairly difficult to slide over a painted handdlebar. So here to the correct innerposition and outerposition of the grips were marked with a scratch. Back home the handlebar was then shortened at the outer scratches.