Saint Jean de Luz, the stay (2018-09-02)

My time in and around Saint Jean de Luz. This was a very calm camping and I decided instantly to stay here. And supermarket and restaurant were at just 10 minutes by foot, and the beach some 15 minutes (while some 70 meters down up).

But yesterday evening at 23h00 the Dance Party started, several kilometers away in the urban area of Saint Jean de Luz. It lasted until 04h30. At least that is what I remembered last. It had been a long time ago that I had heard Dance Music. This time it was with earplugs ... The next day I visited Saint Jean de Luz. I cycled the cycleroad along the coast and the views were great. It was a sunny sunday so there were many people in town, also from Spain that is just a few kilometers away. It was a long time ago that I had been in a bigger town and in a crowdy atmosphere. But it was nice to be a (regular) tourist for some hours haha. When I walked along the harbour I noticed this boat. It is a fishingboat but it uses fishingrods, so no nets. That is a far more eco-friendly way to fish since the bottom of the sea is not demolished nor are other fish caught unwanted. The choice of the bait determines what fish you will catch. And not will catch kill.

The other pictures show a traditional fishingnet. Nets like these are attached to a set of cables and then pulled over the bottom. That alone uses huge amounts of diesel fuel, but "happily" the fishermen are "compensated" by Brussels for that.

The heavy chain around the outside of the net (which is the lower part) is ofcourse creating very many disturbances. The white balls have the net standing upright since they float. All (all) flatfish Every creature living on the bottom is then heavily scared and swims up from the bottom. Into the net.

After the net is hoisted on the boat the catch is checked. The fish they wanted is ofcourse processed. All the rest is thrown overboard, dead ofcourse. Then no creature survives being in a net with tonnes of family and enemies resting on them, and without oxygen.

Fishing with nets is like Not Recycling your garbage. You just take all without even looking and then just dispose all you don't want or can't sell. Or like buying everything in a supermarket, so the whole supermarket, to then at home throw away everything you don't like.

In the mean time I had get hungry, but I hadn't seen any quiet terras. But then I was lucky one more time. Just when I was about to return to base I came along that sign "Moules a la crême frites". There were far more moules then people haha, so I took a nice table. Yeah, why hurry, you always must stop for moules ! This crême sauce was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture of it all.

That evening railway workers started to cut bushes and small trees along the track directly next to the camping. That is, they started at 23h00 and continued until very very late. They can do this job only when no trains are riding ... In the early Monday morning I walked to the beach, which actually more was like falling down haha. There I put my hand into the salty water, as one is supposed to do when reaching the sea. I couldn't remember when I had been on a beach for the last time. (but that was when I stayed in Beziers in the wintertime 2017-2018).

In the evening I walked to a high point to see the "sun sinking into the see". And decided to leave on Tuesday since there would be rain on Wednesday and the camping would then close for the season anyway. I did check other campings here but as expected they were close to the beach, so crowded and expensive. Downgrading (and pay extra) from the camping I was on was no option, my brain can not handle that haha.

It was a rather short stay and unfortunately I didn't manage to visit Bayonne and Biarritz. Simply because I had to leave quite soon and choose to visit Saint Jean de Luz. Nevertheless did I have a good time here, this was more the real life then in those "Zandvoorts aan zee" haha (google that).

Enjoy your day, your bicycle and Nature !


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