Peyrehorade, the stay (2018-08-26)

I have decided to split up my usual "cycle to and stay at" blog into two. Then there are lots of things worthwhile showing and writing about. Putting this all into one blog as until now makes for too long blogs. Were they still have to compromise. So here we go with the blog about the stay. Peyrehorade, the stay I stayed in Peyrehorade for some days. The camping and town are just opposite of each other, separated only by the river Les Gaves Reunis. Thanks to the bridge it takes just about 5 minutes to get "there".

At a camping close to a town, like here, you mostly only find campingcars. Then once they stop they often have no means of transport anymore. That's why they all travel from town-camping to town-camping. I was the only one camping in another setup. Plus somedays some other cyclists, all being on their way at the St Jacobs trail. Peyrehorade, the stay However the first night was a big mess then the local rugbyteam had reserved a campingspot for a teambuilding weekend. They managed to wake up half of the camping at 0h00 hours and again from 02h00 until 03h30.

The next morning there were many complaints and the rugbyteam left (very) asap (as soon as possible). And as soon as they had left I moved asap to the far most pitch possible to be out of any whatever zone ... But as usual when your nightsrest is spoiled that will effect you during the whole of the next day. Peyrehorade, the stay After the re-install my new pitch was a mess and I was seriously thinking about why camping was supposed to be nice haha ...

The campingowner offered a free night stay to all who had complained and then called the maier to also complain. That safed me a lot of money since I had to pay no less then € 6,- haha. Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay

But shortly after, all was oké again, and so were the views !

Peyrehorade, the stay

However, one day the weather was not too nice, although it was dry. No problem, a pullover plus windblocking rainjacket and all is oké. Except that I was sitting looking in the direction of the river and that weather arrived from behind me. Including hailstones of 2 centimeter ...

All I could do was hiding behind the tree that was close. But within 15 seconds all was wet, including electronics, and myself, even inside the rainjacket. Peyrehorade, the stay Whereby this picture shows you how the weather situation so now and then causes very real trouble ! The electricity poles at the camping are positioned very high to save them from the high tide of the river that occurs once in a while.

Peyrehorade somehow looks a rather nice town when you look at a map. But it is not. There are about 5 restaurants and 2 cafes. But they have no openinghours published and are closed all week, except on wednesday and saterday morning. Then there is the market and suddenly very many people show up. Happily there are 2 big supermarkets just next to the town and they saved me regarding eating and drinking.

I once visited the McDonalds next to one of the supermarkets. The taste was rather oké but the hamburger and frites were not warm enough. It felt very strange that I can't remember where and when was the last time I had visited a McD ?! But that doesn't seem me to be a problem haha.

The (very) good news is that, although not having a weighingscale, I am for sure loosing weight. I lost already half of my belly somewhere along the road. And I had to make an extra hole in the belts I use for my trousers.

Even then I now can put my trousers down without loosening the belt ! There must be moments when that comes in handy ... But I must be very carefull not to loose my whole belly haha.

To celebrate that I immediately visited the boulangerie. Actually I wanted to ask whether they serve sandwiches in the mornings. But then I saw this patisserie ! How nice can that be too ! It is a joy for my eyes and it was for my taste.

Regarding breakfast I have a new tactic. Supermarkets sell triangely shaped sandwiches, two of them packed together in an airtight folie. There are basic and haute cuisine types haha. Everytime I go shopping I buy two or three of them. I have them for breakfast and at a day of travelling also for brunch, lunch and snack haha.

It was lively (only) when there was the market.

Peyrehorade, the stay

And very quite in the evenings, Peyrehorade, the stay

and in the mornings.

Click at the panorama photos to open them as a poster :

Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay Peyrehorade, the stay
One day, for some weird reason, my mind pushed me to make a walk. Weird, then walking is very dangerous, as you can see here once more !

But this time I was rewarded then I saw this beautiful caterpillar. It was in trouble then on the tarmac and didn't manage to climb over those twigs.

I took these pictures and then put it over to the save side of the world. How beautiful will she be once turned into a butterfly !? Peyrehorade, the stay Update : This is what the caterpillar will turn into : the "Acronicta aceris" and it is "just" a moth. In dutch it's name is "Bont schaapje". Whether or not this is beautiful or not is rather a personal matter haha.

After some days it was time to continue to the far west. Would I have any hills at all while riding to the Atlantic Ocean ?

Enjoy your day, your bicycle and Nature !


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