From Rieumes to Auch (2018-08-03)

Hills, hills and more hills, a day of pushing ...

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I had a quiet time in Rieumes. It is a nice little town and the only drawback is that the terras of the cafe is far to small haha. During my visit I had no beer at all in 4 days since it was the only terras and was always full (while offering just 4 tables).

I also had no diner at any restaurant here. They were quite expensive or were closed and had no opening hours published. I missed a lot of calories I suppose !

I left Rieumes and soon the road started to climb. I had prepared a gps track of about 62 kms and a gps route of about 52 kms. I choose for the route since I really wanted to have a more easy day, and to arrive at the camping somewhat earlier.

This was still the land of the sunflowers.

But today I also saw cows, that is to say those that produce milk. I guess it must be some year ago that I saw them, maybe during the last days that I was in the Pay Bas.

I like the view, I am originally dutch so am (was) used to see them every time I left town. For reasons of efficiency the cows in the Netherlands are less and less in the meadows, so seeing them is always an extra pleasure for me.

A good thing is that there is a discussion about having the cows more in the meadows again. Some big milk-producing companies are willing to pay some extra centiemes per liter for that reason (and to pump up there imago).

In the meantime I was a bit supprised by the quantity and the steepness of the hills here. More and more often I had to cycle in first gear, or even had to push. Since I was travelling more to the north I had not expected that.

As usual there were no cafes or commerces openend along the route. And since I had left without breakfast that wasn't what I had hoped for. Then I cycled into Samatan and found a bar anex cafe opened. I ordered a sandwiche jambon beurre and coffee plus a glass of water.

I started cycling again and was immediately disengouraged by a very long very straight very steep uphill (in town ...). I had to push the bike all the way up and from this top on the rest of the day the situation would remain the same. Many, many hills, and although not to long, they almost all were too steep to cycle.

You then get the situation that you have to push for about 20 minutes after which you can freewheel down for about 2 minutes. After which you have to start pushing again ...

The slope varied a bit but was always somewhat between 5 and 10 %. Were the maximum I can cycle with this heavy bicycle over some longer time (to the top) is about 3 to 4%. The topspeed I "cycled" today was 55 kmh so that also makes clear how steep those hills are.

Nevertheless sunflowers always make you smile !

Since it is the beginning of august it also is the time to harvest. There were a lot of hay bales in the fields, waiting to be picked up. Another sign of cows living here.

The scenery was beautiful, but those damned hills haha ...

Oeps, tourist ahead, no pictures please !

I passed a chateau (castle) and decided to have a look. It happened to be a private property so I could not really visit it, not even the outside. However, the pictures show that this is what they call "a project".

Then I found a few hay bales to park my bike against. So I myself could rest also, and drink some water.

The question to all the YesTrip followers is : how long will it take 1 cow to eat this amount of hay ??? Maybe you can win something with this competition, but I don't know what yet haha.

Could I rest at this cemetery when I have seen it all and all my tires were wornout ? Yes I could ! But that will still take a long time to happen haha.

Up and down and up and down ...

It was another nice day to travel ...

After the trip I downloaded the recorded track from the gps and counted about 13 hills. And not for the first time the most demanding hills were just in the last kilometers before the camping. The road to Montegut (12) was extreme steep and I had to push that one all the way up.

The downhil was then so steep that I used the brakes all the way down since I did not feel very safe. The next uphill to the camping and the road at the camping (13) were also too steep to cycle. It turned out that I had managed 695 vertical meters today ... Happily there was a pitch available, and it was for sure one wit a view ! My concern however is how to leave here since my pitch is at the far side of the camping and that road returning to the exit is even more steep. Although it is just about +20 vms I will not be able (!) to push the bike up that hill ...

Later that evening I installed my camera in the timelapse mode (menu, tripod, powerbank, click here) and pointed it to the Stars. It took a picture every 1 second until after 3071 pictures the card was full.

I really should limit the maximum amount of pictures to take in the menu but I forget about that every time. But in the mean time I was sleeping. And the Earth kept on turning and took me with her all the way ...
And this is the result : a timelapse of 399 pictures of that serie. A result like this always makes me Think ... Then Is There Anybody Out There ??? I mean cycling haha. Since I met ET (when I was still young) I have not yet met another cyclist up there in the cold ... Will I ever be able again to cycle the Stars ? I hope you enjoy the MilkyWay as much as I do !

Tip : if you are interested in exploring the Universe you can view a nice pictureserie about the new James Webb telescope by clicking here. It will follow up the famous Hubble telescope that is Out There since 1990 already ! The next day I recorded my shoppingtour to Auch. From and to the camping it was 15 kms and 180 vms. I bought some food and new handgrips, pedals and a mirror for the bicycle. I will write about those parts in a later blog.

This trip was about 56 kms in almost 8 hours and I conquered some 695 vertical meters. Those vms are a new record until now at this trip and that's why I had an average of just only some 7,5 kmh in total.

The idea of cycling somewhat more easy routes turned out not to be the case today ... However it was 37C today so I am for sure not unsatisfied about The Day (and not about myself haha).

Until the next update !


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