From Avignot-Lauragais to Rieumes (2018-07-29)

Sunflowers, sunflowers and more sunflowers.

As I already wrote in the former blog there was not much (actually nothing) to do at and near the camping municipal without municipal in Avignot-Lauragais. So I did do nothing haha. I continued reading an e-book, determined how to continue the trip and prepared the gps with the new route and track.

Later in the afternoon some groups of cyclists arrived, amongst them families with children who all were still full of energy. Some children just kept on cycling at the camping, and others immediately started playing football. They all had cycled the whole day, and with (some) luggage and were still not ready "to do nothing". There parents all first took a nap, and obviously were very ready to do nothing haha.

The next day I was on the road early and the first thing that happened was that I had to push the bike all the way up a long hill. As always (?) you get rewarded when you've been hindered by something annoying.

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This time I was rewarded with a splendid view over the valley at the other side of that hill. During the former trip I thought I was in the Valley of the Sunflowers. But now I knew This was the real one.

The view was stunning ...

Luckily (...) I could not park my bike anywhere since there was no pole or tree to put it against. So after a short time of taking pictures, while balancing bike and camera, I had to cycle on. I freewheeled down at some 45kmh. And Had To Make an emergency stop just after the next corner ! Sunflowers, sunflowers and sunflowers ! Many families of bees were there too. Do you know how important bees are for our everyday food ?! Unfortunately they have a (very) hard time in surviving, "thanks" to the use of insecticides of companies like Bayer and Monsanto. We should help the bees in becoming more profitable again, not those euro- and dollar-companies ... To my surprise I could make a detour to Rome from here. I did not since it is in the wrong direction for me and doesn't attract me anyway.

In Sainte Leon I asked some people who were sitting in front of the church for a point d'eau (waterpoint). That happenend to be just behind those people at the churchwall so I started Drinking cold(er) water immediately. Then the doors of the church went open and some 50 people came out. They walked to the monument of World War 1 (the Grande Guerre, the Great War, which is not WW2) since it was remembrance day. This processions often form part of the yearly fair and music weekend that is held in so many little villages. In France they will not forget !

Once out of Saint Leon I saw something moving in the cornfield. It took me some seconds to halt and grab my camera, but I was too late. I waited 2 minutes or so and then a deer came out of the bushes.
It walked to the next trees, calm and stately. There was at that moment no traffic on the road so it was just the deer and me. Can 500 meters of physical distance be just a blink of the mind away at the same time ? Yes they can, and they do ! I can ofcourse only speak for myself, but I know that I will never forget moments like these ...

I passed a small town and despite looking it being touristic all was closed. However there were 2 marketstands so I bought 2 giant nectarines. They were lovely and juicy as usual. I found myself reflected in the window of the barbershop and noticed that I needed no haircut. It would have taken at least 3 minutes to do that, and it would not have changed anything anyway haha. I continued to just around the last corner of the town find a (very local) cafe that was open. It was the first "anything" that I found open today, after about 35 kms on the road. Everybody was talking (very) loudly, everybody was smoking (inside) and everybody was having alcoholic drinks (at 14h00). However I was presented a very fine glass of (the Best) citron lemonade, which with 0.5 litre was almost to large to handle. Being that no argument I drank un autre (another one) haha. In the next town I almost rode into this fountain. It was very tempting to do that being it 36C, but the tubing prevented me to cycle straight through. Just before I reached Rieumes I passed this lake. I was glad to be there, but was then presented one of The Steepest Uphills I ever conquered. Inside town that was. The distance of only some 400 meters took me 5 stops to recover my breath ... I reached the camping and felt it was the perfect day to choose for emplacement 13 ! Then how lucky can you be with that beautiful number ...

It was a beautiful trip today and many special things came on my way. And that is were this blog is all about ofcourse. I rode 72 kms with 432 vms which took me 7h17 in total. The amount of calories used remains unknown ...

Until the next update !


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