From La Tour sur Orb to Mons la Trivalle (2018-07-09)

This day turned out to be the Day of the l'Eau (Water).

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I woke up early at 6h00 since some 100 birds were singing for me. How beautiful can any day begin when you hear this.

BUT. The night before new guests had arrived in a bungalow next to my tent. At this camping your tent is always next to bungalows. Those two families made an awfull lot of noice and kept on doing so until 01h00. Then I came out of my tent to ask them to keep quiet. They answered me to "get lost, this is a Belgium owned camping and since you are no belgium person you don't belong here".

I went over to the reception building and after knocking 20 times the grandma opened a window. She called here son who then drove to the camping. In the meantime some other people arrived, complaining about some other guests concerning noise.

The owner warned the bungalow guests and after some 20 minutes it got quite. At 02h00 ...

WTF do people think "about whatever" if they cause so many problems to the rest of the world ??? And why am I (always) the only (tenting) one who can not stand that ???

After having had two cups of coffee I started packing and at about 9h00 I was ready to go. So I went to the l'accueil (office) to get my bread and to pay the bill. I had not planned to leave today but you will for sure here.

I also asked for the cap of my bidon that went into to bar's dishwasher yesterday late. Then it turned out that the cap was missing.

Four people are working there, one of them had put that cap into the machine the day before, but none of them had any idea where that cap might have been gone. Incredible that someone sees something (in the dishwasser) he/she does not recognize and then just decides to throw it away without asking anything to anyone ...

After having waited unsuccesfully for some 30 minutes my camping neighbour arrived with another bidon which he gave me. Then I could finally leave. Having only a 1 liter bottle of water is just to critical in these hills were there are little villages and so little waterpoints. Dear neigbour : thank you for that ! First I had to push the bike of the camping up to the main road. That main road went slightly downwards and life was easy on the road. But after some 4 kms I turned right and had to push again on a pretty steep hill. After about 1 hour I reached the sommet (top) and from there on all went easy for the rest of the day. The new bidon is not at the bike's picture because I had it with me. I freewheeled down and turned left to follow the river La Mare downstream. All the way the scenery was beautiful. At the GPS map I saw the river was flowing into another river. So the question was whether I from there on still would be cycling downhill, or that I would have to cycle uphill. It was my lucky day then I had to turn right and so did that river. I was following the river Orb again, the one that also runs along the campsite that I had left that morning. By crossing that first hill I went into the vally of the La Mare and that river flows parallel to and into the Orb some 15 kms further on.

There were few cars on the road so it was nice to be on the bicycle. Also the roads were all in a very good condition here. Then I passed a plant where they produce gravel to build those roads. A lot of dust was in the air but it is a good thing to see how much effort (and CO2 ...) it takes to build those fine roads.

Here I had a nice chat with a bicyclist who had just finished a 1000 km bicycle tour the day before. And couldn't help it to must ride again a tour the very next day ...

All wheels can move your body, but 2 wheels can move your soul !

At that very moment a very senior bicyclist passed by going some 30 kmh uphill. Some 10 minutes later he returned at some 40 kmh downhill. He had done some shopping I pressume. He was riding an electrical bike and was speeding awfully haha. I like that since I think he is still very "active" to stay active.

Just a few minutes later I was halted by a couple that was curious about my trip. They asked me many questions, made some selfies and wished me "bon courage". Then of I went, into the shade.
In a small village I drank a nice citronlemonade, and another one. And enjoyed a bird that was enjoying his "plat du jour" (menu of the day). The road was still following the river and I only had to pedal uphill once more, and for just a short distance. I crossed the Orb again on a huge bridge and stopped to take some pictures. Just outside that village a saw a sign about a Voie Verte, a green road. Voies Vertes are touristic roads specially made for bicycles. They are actually old obsolete chemin de ferres (roads of iron, railroads) that are turned into very nice bicycling tracks. Because of that ancient origin they are quite flat all the way, and are therefore rather popular among tourists. Tip : visit the beautiful Musee Chemin de Fer (railwaymuseum) "Cité du Train" in Mulhouse. In Mons la Trivalle I left that nice green road (that turns your bike white ...) to head for the camping municipal. After another 10 minutes of heavy pushing I freewheeled the last 3 kilometers and passed again the river Orb at a huge bridge. In this region it is very popular to go cayaking. You will be brought upstream by a small bus after which you cayak down the river to the point where the cayak rentalshop is located. This trip was rather easy and calm with some 34C, little headwind, about 40 horizontal kms and only 330 vertical meters which were mostly caused by only that one hill at the beginning of todays trip.

At the camping it turned out to be paella evening so I ordered immediately. In France, restaurants that serve rice and noodles menus are rare, so if you like that kind of meals you should attack those plats (menus) without doubt. It was for sure a good plate ! The first course was the traditional non-melon with the non-ham. The main course was the non-paella which was ofcourse non-rice with a non-chickenleg, a non-gamba and some non-squid. Both courses were fine, and so was the wine ... While having diner a beautiful black bee visited the flower just next to me. I managed to take some pictures, which is pretty difficult and therefore unique.

Black bees have there own special in the Nature chapter at this site. They are very impatient and never inspect any flower for more them a few seconds. This was only about the second time in about 20 years that I managed to "shoot" one ! They are just so beautiful ...

I cancelled the icecream, then for me that was (as usual) just to much food and calories. And even more important I also had to skip the (far) to noisy conversations, and the far to many noisy radio hits (hits also). Not to mention the people that smoke at the restaurant terras, despite being it not allowed ...

I returned later that evening to read a ebook of Inspector Maigret. And had a cool beer. Nobody was at the terras anymore, so that was a nice compensation.

At about midnight I went to bed. Just to be wakened up the next morning at about 6h00 by again a huge choir of birds that all were singing for me !!!

Have a nice day ? Have A Nice Day !

I started the new day with coffee (what else ???) and a very good sanwiesj beure jambon cru (google that ...). And washed some clothes ...

See you at the next blog !


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