The second day on the road of the new trip ! (2018-07-05)

From Gignac to La Tour sur Orb

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I packed the OnTheRoad 4.0 again and took off at 10.30 am. Despite I had removed at least some 1 kg (...) of to heavy tools and clothing the bike was ofcourse still far to heavy.

I headed to a campsite at La Tour sur Orb which was to be about 45 kms and an unknow number of vertical meters. First stop was already after 30 minutes, to have another very nice sandwich and some coffee plus a glass of water. It is incredible how good a cold glass of water tastes if you have not had that for a longer period of time ... Then I went along to make some distance. The track turned out to be climbing. And climbing, and climbing. Unfortunately quite some hills were to steep to cycle so I had to push a lot. I guess I was "walking" about 2 hours this day. In Octon I once more had a very nice glass of citronlemonade (d'eau (water) with sirop au citron et glacons (you understand that dont you). And a the watertap (point d'eau) near the terras I could fill my waterbottles again. That turned out to be my lucky action of the day. Then the climb out of Octon was Heavy and Long. When almost at the crossing were I should turn left I passed the micro village of Basse. In the french language basse means down, at the bottom. Whoever called this village "at the bottom" must have been struck by the sun ... Which can easily happen over here ! In the meantime there was already a vulture flying around me. He was probably judging were exactly on that hill I would be ready to serve for his dinner ?! Or was he waiting to grab the remaining half of my sandwiche poulet (chicken) ?! However, maybe he was just looking at those cute donkies ... It took me about 1h30 to push the bike up this hill to that crossing of which I hoped it would be the end of that uphill. But it turned out not to be the top (sommet), then after having freewheeled about some 5 minutes another top came into sight and I had to push again ...

The landscape was beautiful, I was passing Lac Salagou and that view makes you wonder !

But also just before your eyes you can find beautiful living creatures !

But finally the reward came and I flew down at a controlled 46 kmh max. Once down the brakes were screaming, so the road was indeed descending.

At the crossing after the downhill I turned right. And came to a halt within 10 meters. Steep, steeper, steepest ... It took me about 10 stops to recover of overcoming this uphill of just some 1 km long.

Then finally the road was a bit more normal again. However I was to tired to even fix the fairly steep mainroad through the village, and had to push again. Then I saw the camping and was glad to have reached my goal for today.

I installed the tent, took a shower and enjoyed the daymeal "halve haan met patat zonder appelmoes en zonder kers" (google that haha) and a glass of beer. Later that evening some other guests visited the bar and we had a nice conversation, just untill about far after midnight. This day some hills were about 3 degrees up which is fairly normal in France. But most of them were about 5 to 7 degrees up, which is also normal, but will kill you finally.

Todays track was about 49 kms long with 630 vertical meters and there was some 50 kmh headwind at certain and at uncertain times.

Click at these panorama photos to open them as a poster :

See you at the next blog !


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