The first day on the road of my YesTrip !

From Montpellier to Gignac (2018-06-22)

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The first day of my new life arrived : Friday 22 of June 2018. I packed the OnTheRoad 4.0 and left the camping near Montpellier.

From Montpellier to Gignac

Temperature was a very nice 31C and I really like warmth like that. But I have to be carefull to not run out of water. So I was happy to find this fountain. As usual the warning "eau nonpotable" (non-drinkable water) was at a sign. Since the EU exists you won't find any fountains without such a warning any more. However, all bicyclists always drink this water, and nothing ever seems to go wrong.

This time the fountain looked extremely clean and somehow something warned me. 🤔. I therefor first tasted a few drops from my finger. Then hell broke loose in my mouth then this water containt chloride ! The water was circulated by a pump and is there just for the looks ...

The bike was ofcourse far too heavy to handle well, and to be honoust, even to handle unwell 🙃. It is far out of balance since almost all weight is at the rearrack, and even far behind the rack. Besides that the weight is not very evenly spread to both sides. From time to time this causes the frontend to shake quite a bit. I guess it weighs about 50kgs in this setting, so some has to be trimmed ... Much later it turned out I was some 30kgs wrong ...

From Montpellier to Gignac

"Andre Belot, killed by the Germans at the 24th of august 1944 at the age of 24"

We shall Not Forget ! (click to open)

With that weight a bike can not be parked at its stand (having even 2) since it simply tips over. Making pictures was therefore not possible since I could not parc it along the roads. However by being very acrobatic I managed to take some picture of this monument.

From Montpellier to Gignac

I am now living my life in maximum and total freedom. All my life I am always very impressed whenever I see anything related to WW2. So very many brave man and women have offered there lifes for Our Freedom ... It is exactly as I once read on a monument in the French Hautes Alpes : "Ici souffle la Liberté" ("Here freedom breaths"). That could easily be the real name of my bicycle.

At my site you can find a chapter about World War 2.

From Montpellier to Gignac

After (only) 38 kms, but with some 400 vms (vertical meters) I reached the camping municipal in Gignac. My first YesTrip had taken me 6 hours and I was exhausted. But not for long since my 15 years of mountainbiking have made me quite 💪 strong.

I had to push several hills which was no surprise. My start- and end-point of today's trip are located at the same height. If so that means that one (in average) climbs 50% of the distance and descends 50% of the distance. So I had to conquer those 400vms in 19kms which means an average climbing of 2.1%. That doesn't sound too bad but it is the average 💦 for almost 4 hours netto.

From Montpellier to Gignac From Montpellier to Gignac

I found a Beautiful spot 👌 and installed my stuff. And rewarded myself with a highly appreciated shower, and then with a nice beer and the "plat du jour" (plate of the day) at the nearby terrass.

From Montpellier to Gignac

I was lucky since it was the weekend of the Fete de la Musique. With 10 bands playing live music at 3 podiums.

From Montpellier to Gignac

The next morning there was another concert, for the more quiet people.

And also at the campsite there were concerts all day too 💯, from the cicades and the birds.

From Montpellier to Gignac

The cicades were born here by the 10-thousands

From Montpellier to Gignac

and eaten by the 9-thousands (luckily).

This animation shows you a cicade pupating while hanging at my tent. When time has come they crawl out of the ground and search for a place to hang. They need free space to have their wings unfold and dried up. And they really hang everywere at anything available. However they seem to prefer artificial materials since they choose ie tents, bags and tires mostly. Maybe they are (extra) sensitive to smell plastics.

I created this animation with 304 pictures that were taken in a 10 second tact and are played in a 100 milliseconds tact. So the cicade took about 51 minutes to pupate and the animation takes about 31 seconds to show you that. You find my HowTo article about animations here (open).

I also noticed this bird (a bee-eater ?) high upon that tree. For hours and hours it was scanning the fields next to the camping. To attack whenever some insect was seen.

All those insects were brought to that youngster in the nest in that other tree. It is an absolute joy to whitness that ! And it also is an absolute joy to have the Panasonic FZ1000 camera at hand.

I have a magnificant campspot and Gignac is a very nice, little town and I was enjoying every minute here. So I decided to stay some extra days.

From Montpellier to Gignac

My global plan is to cycle to Biarritz, France and then to San Sebastian, Spain which would be some 700kms. The only point of attention for me is to 🧭 plan my YesTrip in such a way that I will not get caught by cold. So why hurry ?!

From Montpellier to Gignac

Click at this picture to view the series about the beautiful flowers at the market in Gignac.

From Montpellier to Gignac

And at this picture to view the series about the Eglise Notre Dame de Grace.

From Montpellier to Gignac From Montpellier to Gignac From Montpellier to Gignac From Montpellier to Gignac From Montpellier to Gignac From Montpellier to Gignac My first YesTrip made me feel like a snail. But ofcourse I am far less beautiful then this one is 😀. Open this poster and have a Look at how Beautiful this animal is ! And please let me know where I can buy such a nice tent ?!

I enjoy the situation, will rearrange the luggage (but how ?) and think about the next route. Since I have no (need for a) planning only time will tell ?!

See you at the next blog !


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