The first day on the road of the new trip !

From Montpellier to Gignac (2018-06-22)

The last day of my former life arrived : Friday 22 of June 2018. I packed the OnTheRoad 4.0 and took off at 11am. The bike was ofcourse far to heavy to handle well, and to be honoust, even to handle unwell. I guess it weighs about 50kgs in this setting, so some has to be trimmed ... I therefore had to push quite some time since the uphills were to steep to pedal.
Temperature was some 31C, so i was happy to find this fountain. As usual the warning "eau nonpotable" was there (non drinkable water). Since the EU exists you won't find any fountains without such a warning any more. However, all bicyclists always drink this water, and nothing ever happens to go wrong.

This time the fountain looked extremely clean so I, as usual, tasted only a few drops from my finger. Then hell broke loose in my mouth then this water containt chloride ! The water was circulated by a pump and is there just for the looks ...

With that weight a bike can not be parked at its stands (having 2) since it simply tips over. Making photos was therefore not possible since I could not stop at most places.

However there was one exception. Then when i passed this monument I simply had to take this picture :

"Andre Belot, killed by the Germans at the 24th of august 1944 at the age of 24"

I am now living my life in maximum total freedom. All my life I am always very impressed whenever I see anything that is related to the great worldwars. So very many brave man and women have offered there lifes for Our Freedom ... It is exactly as I once read on a monument : "Ici souffle la Liberté" ("Here freedom breaths").

At you can find a chapter about WO2 (click).

Picture After 45kms and some 400 hms I reached the camping municipal in Gignan 34150 at about 18pm and installed my stuff.
Picture I instantly was lucky since it was the weekend of the Fete de la Musique in town. With 10 bands playing live music at 3 podiums.

The next morning there was another concert, for the more quiet people.

I have decided to stay some extra days in Gignac since it is a very nice little town and I do have a great campingspot. To enjoy the situation, rearrange the luggage and to think about the next route. Since I have no (need for a) planning only time will tell ?!

See you at the next blog !

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