Warmshowers ? Useless !

How to shoot the messenger ...

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I have used the Warmshowers website as a traveller for some two years. It has lots of problems. The main problem is that it is very doubtfull whether the site really forwards your requests for hosting.

When I was in Morocco I got 1 answer at 9 requests. And while in Portugal I got no response to about 30 requests.

Then I saw a discussion at the site about people wondering why there are so extremely few responses. Discussions running already since 2017 and even in 2007 there were already questions asked about this.

Obviously the management is not interested in this matter since they not even once responded to that situation(s) and questions asked. In all those years !

It is quite (very) simple to investigate certain technical matters. If they are functioning properly it then is also quite (very) simple to investigate the members behaviour regarding responding.

Since I had the same bad experience for a long time already I tried to get any solution. Searching for potential hosts and then writing 30 requests (while at a campsite) takes about 3 full evenings and to then have not any response simply means using this site is not worth the trouble.

After some normal online responses to my posts things got worse. While posting I got an automatic email message that someone had put a comment in the guestbook of this (Yestrip) site. That comment was : fuck you. And ofcourse it was anonimous. I posted about this at the Warmshower site and asked the anonimous person to apologize for this. And ofcourse there was no response.

A few days later I noticed my account was blocked. So obviuosly the Warmshowers management chooses to not clear up anything and to stay below zero. But obviously2 they do read the posts. The (anonimous) response to my email to the Warmshowers management was "Hi, that is because of your posts and the language used".

Resumé :

Warmshowers shoots the messenger, the management acts anonimously, is not at all interested to have the website functioning as it should and is not at all willing to investigate anything.

Besides that the site has an extremely bad responserate.

If you read travellerblogs you could come along texts about Warmshowers like this one :

X (host) had had a bumpy relationship with Warmshowers. He confided that his current WS profile was his second. The first had been removed after a tit-for-tat feedback spat with a guest got out of hand.

In his version of events, an older European couple stayed with him but then left negative feedback, implying that he had tried to get them to eat magic mushrooms and take other drugs, making out that he was an unfit host.

He was incensed. Subsequent guests egged him on to leave a bad review for his accusers, to pay them back. This he did, claiming they had messed him around, turned up late without explanation, rejected the perfectly wholesome food he had prepared and were rude and uncooperative.

The guests reported his feedback for being false and retaliatory, and Warmshowers asked Chas to withdraw it. He refused, pointing to his hundred plus positive references. He says the WS board acknowledged his track record, but nevertheless issued an ultimatum: remove the retaliatory comments or his account would be deleted. As nonsensical as all this sounds, he claims to have stood his ground. Hence the new profile.

So you see, the Warmshowers "management" does not even hesitate to blackmail you. You have to have the same 🙈 🙉 🙊 mentality as them to be a member there without asking yourself questions ...