The beautiful handmade pouches of Cinderella Servranckx

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Cycling Cindy (as Cinderella Servranckx is called in the cycling community) is worldtraveller and is on the road for many years, somewhere on the globe. She has her blog about her adventures (tip : newsletter !) and presents you awfull pictures there (open).

Besides that she has her her brodery hobby and creates very beautiful pouches ! (open) Each of them being unique, sometimes with natural materials integrated she found along here trips.

Have a look at those pouches (open), there is hardly a more suitable present from and for all who love cycling and/or love beautiful things.

How unique will i.e. your phone or tablet be when stored in and taken out of such a pouch ?!

I was totally impressed by the first pouch at these photos and ordered it asap. And convinced Cinderella to create the second pouch at the photos, to store my gps in. Now I have the dilemma to store my gps in it so I can watch the pouch. Or to not store my gps in it since that means I am cycling 😉.

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