GPS in the 16th century in Japan

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Joanna Lumley makes beautiful travel documentaries in which you get to know just a little bit more about everything she visits.

In Japan, for example, she walked a small part of the road that had been running between the current capital Tokyo (as early as the 16th century) and the former capital Kyoto. That road is in the remote valley of Kiso via the legendary Nakasendo track.

Naka means "in the middle", sen stands for "mountain" and do means "road". Nakasendo means the mountain path in the middle. The road is about 534 kilometers long and there are 69 stops. In fact, this was already the highway of that 16th century Japan.

And along that road she visits a man who shows her a (1) detailed map of it, about 50 cm high and about 10 meters wide ! And all 20 maps (!) of that series together show that route in a great way, and even all the houses and further details are on it.
Great to see how far we have come, literally and figuratively, and how great something like that was back in those days !

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