Introduction to the YesTrip.

After having left the Netherlands finally in june 2017 I have been living in France since. I first have again enjoyed the French Alpes per mtb up to the end of september. Living at simple and easygoing campsites on several spots, changing region about every 2 to 3 weeks.

During the wintertime I rented an appartment near Beziers where i stayed until the beginning of may 2018. This turned out to be not such a good spot since it was hardly possible to make decent bicycletours there, being them onroad or offroad. All nice small roads there end up at the Canal du Midi, at some highway or in the middle of nowhere.

Besides that the old town of Beziers is at a hill, and entering from the west I did not one time manage to ride that long steep uphill ... Nevertheless I had a good time there, and did use the MudRacer 3.0 (click here to view that bike) and OnTheRoad 4.0 pretty often.

Then spring 2018 arrived (click here to view those nice blossoms along the Canal du Midi !) and I moved to a campsite near Montpellier for a stay of about one month. A huge 4-star camping it was with all comfort and animations one could (not) want, including lying management and (always some very) loud guests within your range.

Around a city like this there are simply no nice campings available since there is to much money involved. I only choose this site since it was closest to Montpellier and I absolutely wanted to visit Montpellier several days (by bike).

And you can be sure : Montpellier is gorgeous !!! Click here to make your own visit over there.

Then the 19 of june 2018 arrived and that was the 1 year anniversary day of me being in France and of the YesTrip project !
Picture Exactly on that same date I had my old car demolished and sent the "Certificat de demolision d'un vehicule" to the Dutch RDW to get rid of the ownership (-costs).

MudRacer 3.0 I then sold my dearest mtb friend MudRacer 3.0 (click) to a bicycleshop.

Thank You Mr. Mudracer, how very much did I like every meter and second I was with you !

Then the last day of my former life arrived : on Friday 22 of June 2018 I started my YesTrip on the OnTheRoad 4.0 !

You find the first blog here (click) !