YesTrip : about the route

Here I will explain what is more or less the idea for the YesTrip route.

In Turn the page 2 (introduction to the Trip) (click) you can read the story about the period from the moment I left the Netherlands in june 2017 until the moment I started the real YesTrip on the OnTheRoad 4.0 about 1 year later. The YesTrip started at the 22nd of june 2018 when I left Montpellier on the OnTheRoad 4.0.

During the winterseason 2017 - 2018 I saw another great documentary at TV5 about the region of San Sebastian in Spain (click). I found it quite impressive and came to the idea to cycle in that direction to enjoy and decrouvrir France first and then explore the north of Spain. This fits also to the general idea of travelling to Africa.

So I decided to first cycle west and to then determine the follow-up. Advantage is to travel with the sun. Disadvantage is having headwinds more often.

Then early november 2018 I knew I would not reach Portugal this year. Starting in september already the weather continiously presented me very many stormy days, quite some rainy days and so ofcourse dropping temperatures.

This has caused many days of delay (in hotelrooms ...) were I waited for a normal day were I could cycle again. There have been many weeks were I cycled only one day, the rest of the days the weather was just to bad ... I therefore decided to cycle more or less straight to the south of Spain to hopefully have better weather again.

And I can tell you that didn't work either ... You can read all about that in the blogs, so I suggest you subscribe to the newsletter (click).

You can open the blog-menu about the traject in France by clicking here

and you can open the blog-menu about the traject in Spain by clicking here.

Idea is was to later in the year 2018 follow the sun to the south, so to cross the Mediterranean Sea to then continue the YesTrip in Morocco. But as written already i decided to stay a while at the Mediterranean Sea in Spain.

However, since I actually have no goal (and don't need and don't want one) all is possible and much will happen (and change). The only goal is actually to not have any (cold) winters anymore !

I will update this article if I think that it is worthwhile.