About me

Wilfried Wilfried Wilfried Wilfried

I am Wilfried, was born in the Netherlands in 1957 and was living there all my life. But in june 2017 I left permanently to start my YesTrip. Then I didn't and I don't like the Dutch society at all anymore and found myself more and more frustrated about its aspects *. To my opinion most of the Dutch people are the most optimistic ostriches I can think of.

But since I love technics, all 2-wheelers, bicycletouring, photographing and creating another next chapter for one of my websites I came to a plan : Sell my house and all of my belongings and travel to France, enjoy the Hautes Alpes one more summer, rent an appartment to survive the winter 2017 - 2018, and then start YesTrip on my OnTheRoad 4.0 bike.

So it happened.

In the menu you will find several more detailed articles about the bicycle and the trips.

In june 2018 the blog has started and the blog menu will open at the left when you click here.

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And last but not least you can contact me at the contactpage that will open if you click here.

All wheels can move your body, but 2 wheels can move your Soul !

* And I am not the only one ... Every calenderday of the year some 365 people leave the Netherlands for good ! Let's hope only few of them cycle 🙂.